Teacher Zone



Notes to Teachers-in-Charge:
1. Click here to download the “Annex I: Online Platform User Manual” ( The manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the online platform).
2. This Online Entry Submission System enables your students to compose and hand in poems to you. It is also designed to assist you to view, comment, nominate and submit students’ poems to the organiser of the Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award at your discretion
3. You should log into the platform with the account name and password provided by the confirmation email sent to you.
4. Check if your personal information is correct by clicking "Profile".
5. You should read the User Manual and create accounts for your students.
6. You should review and comment students’ poems through Online Platform. The submission deadline is 2 March 2023 11:59 a.m.
7. For each student, only 1 poem can be nominated for each section. For example, you may nominate 1 poem of a primary student for the Primary Section and 1 poem for the Open section.
8. Maximum number of poems submitted for each school is 40.
9. You may also visit the HKAGE website at https://www.hkage.edu.hk/articles/competitions for details.