Welcome Message

Dear Educators and Parents,

Welcome to the official website of the Annual Hotung Lecture (AHL) cum Biennial Parent Conference 2022.

The topic for this year is “Leadership of Gifted Students”. The activities would be held on 18 June 2022 (Saturday). We are glad to have invited Emeritus Professor CHENG Kai Ming, JP, The University of Hong Kong to share with us his insights on nurturing gifted learners in his keynote speech Nurturing Gifted Students to Become Future Leaders. At the Biennial Parent Conference with the same topic for the year, local experts, scholars and educators will also be invited to share experience in nurturing gifted students to be future leaders. The parent lecture topic is Integrating Social Emotional Learning and Leadership in Gifted Children Parenting. Principal CHAN LUI Ling Yee Lilian would talk about how to create a supportive learning environment for gifted child in the family. Besides, the teacher lecture - Fostering Leadership for Gifted Learners would be delivered by Director of The HKFYG Leadership Institute Ms WONG Ho Yee Miranda. She would share practical teaching strategies to improve students’ leadership skills.

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) commits to promoting the academic and whole-person development of gifted students so that their potential could be fully unleashed. Besides supporting gifted students, the HKAGE also actively provides relevant resources to educators and parents of the gifted to enhance their understanding of various strategies for nurturing gifted students and for promoting their all-round development.

Being one of the signature events of the HKAGE the AHL provides a platform for school leaders, teachers, education professionals and parents to explore together and exchange their views on gifted education. A renowned scholar or education expert is invited to share his/her insights and supporting strategies for gifted students each year. We hope that this event would benefit different stakeholders in gifted education.

We sincerely look forward to your support and participation.

Thank you!

Dr WONG Kam Yiu, Jimmy
Executive Director
The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education