Singapore: 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness - July 2008

The theme of this conference is Nurturing Talents for the Global Community.  As the world gets increasingly interconnected, and as the environmental, technological and social challenges transcend boundaries, it is vital that our talented youths are able to function effectively within such an environment by developing essential skills. To share and exchange ideas on this theme, we are pleased to be able to welcome internationally renowned experts in gifted education, critical and creative thinking, curriculum development and assessment to be keynote speakers and to facilitate discussions at the conference.  The Conference would also feature eminent researchers and educators in Mathematics, Science and Creativity. 

As this conference provides a unique opportunity for enriched mutual sharing, we would like to invite everyone in the gifted education community ˇV scholars, administrators, teachers, parents, and students to join us, to travel parts of the journey together, to experiment and to innovate in our efforts to nurture talented youths.


Ms Sum Chee Wah
Director, Education Programmes
Ministry of Education

Assoc Prof Cheah Horn Mun
Dean, Foundation Programmes
National Institute of Education

Organised by:

Nurturing Talents for the Global Community

Proceedings of the 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness



Keynotes & Invited Addresses

1.1 Identifying Gifted Students in the New Millennium
Robert Sternberg
1.2 Teaching for Leadership
Robert Sternberg
1.3 Building Gifts into Talents: Overview of the DMGT
Francoys Gagné

Kindling the Spark: Recognizing and Developing Musical Talent

Joanne Haroutounian

The Artist Within Every Child: Nurturing Artistic Ways of Knowing

Joanne Haroutounian
1.6 The Neurobiology of Giftedness
John G. Geake
1.7 Mathematical Giftedness in the Brain
John G. Geake
1.8 Gifted Students as Citizens for the Future
Kirsi Tirri
1.9 What works in Curriculum for the Gifted
Joyce VanTassel-Baska

Curriculum and Instruction


Discussion on the Development of Gifted Children's Thinking Abilities in Chinese Study

Zhang Li
2.2 Reading Beyond
Michelle Bannister-Tyrrell

Inserting the Wing to the Supernormal Children: Using Supernormal children's intelligence and non-cognitive traits to facilitate independent English study

Hou Jingyu

Principles of Programme Development for English Gifted and Talented Senior High School Students in the context of Taiwan

Chifen Christine Tseng
2.5 Putting It All Together
Christina Edwards
2.6 Rock the Language
Margot Benko

Impact of gifted programme from Math and Science Talent Studentsˇ¦ Perspectives

Lin Ling-Hui

From Classroom to Crime Scene: Bringing Forensic Science into Project Work

Chow Ban Hoe & Wong Teck Hee

Psychological Counselling for Specialized Art Schools inPoland

Malgorzata Sierszenska-Leraczyk

Piloting Curriculum Compacting in Hong Kong: Experience sharing in teaching Primary students DNA concepts as replacement activities

Fung Sun Wai Leo

Being Gifted: Enhancing school performance through online educational games

Anthony R. Dickinson & Yolanda Yung

Experimenting Competition Based Learning of Engineering Topics with Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots

Rajesh Elara Mohan, Carlos A. Acosta Calderon, Changjiu Zhou, Liandong Zhang, Yongming Yang, & Tianwu Yang


Differentiated Assessment: A Preliminary Study of the Tiered Task Design

Yeo Buay Kee
2.14 Using Problem Posing as an Assessment Tool
Kwek Meek Lin & Lye Wai Leng
3 Creativity

Effect of Positive Affect on Creativity: A Preliminary Meta-Analysis

Madeline Pe & Tan Ai Girl

Nurturing Talents through Research Projects for Sustainable Community Development

Lee Shok Mee

Nurture A Spirit of Innovation: The Young Innovators' Programme

Tan Lian Seng & Oh Chee Wee
4 Social and Emotional Development

The Least Cost Theory of Motivation: Explaining the choice process of the underachieving gifted learner

Lyn J. Dimaano Brains

A Research on Learning Adjustment of Gifted Preschool Childrenˇ¦s Early Entrance to Elementary First and Second Grades

Li-Ching Ke
4.3 Case Study of an Autistic Young Artist: Leland Lee
Lin Jen-Chien

Two Case Studies of Autistic Savants: Understanding their systemizing ability

Noel Chia Kok Hwee

Learning Needs and Interventions of Twice-Exceptional Students

Wong Wah Lee & Pennie Ong

Gifted Children with Aspergerˇ¦s Syndrome: Emotional and Social Implications

Endang Widyorini

Experience sharing in applying Cinematherapy as part of the Affective Education among the gifted children, teacher development and parent education

Fung Sun Wai Leo

The Effects of Counselling on Self Development and Career Development to Enhance Studentsˇ¦ Awareness of their Personal and Study Problems

Aniva Kartika

Differences in the Anxiety Levels about Competition and Social Competence of Students in Regular and Accelerated Classes

Roswita Yang

Educate Body Educate Soul Educate Human: Research on the setting and implementation of gifted children's social experience courses

Cheng Chi
5 Open

Multiple Learning Environment: Making the most of content for Gifted Preschoolers

Shih-Yu Huang

Being and Becoming Gifted: Enhancement effects of social-intellectual study programmes

Yolanda Yung & Anthony R. Dickinson

A Case Study of the Teaching Strategy and Class Management Mode from a Gifted Education Teacher

Chen Ching-Chi, Chen Che-Wen, & Huang Chi-Wei & Tsai Kuei Fang


Giftedness Perceptions and Practices of Teachers in Lithuania

Monita Russick Leavitt

Personalised Learning Pathways: Meeting the needs of gifted students in Senior Secondary School

Vivienne Russell

Developing Servant Leaders in Secondary Schools for Leadership Positions in the Workforce

Lee Siew Lian & Sim Kang Kiang

A Process-Driven Approach to Leadership Development: Competency-Based Learning
Appendix 1; Appendix 2

Tracy Tan Lay Lay & Tan Sia Hui

The Influence of Leadership Competency Education on the Development of Leadership Potential: Enrichment Courses for College Students

Cheng Chao-Shun

Developing the Total Learner: The Dunman High School Experience
Appendix 1; Appendix 2

Grace Bok & Sau Wee Wee

A Developmental Framework for Bicultural Studies Overseas Immersion and Research Programme

Ong Chun Ghee & An Fengyun

Developing a Bicultural Orientation: The River Valley High School Bicultural Studies (Chinese) Programme

Allan Ho, Ek Soo Ben, Tan Wan Sze, & Wan Chiew Inn
5.12 Generating Beyond the Classroom

Choy Ban Heng, Chia Kel-li, Tan Wei Keng, Tan Wan Ting, Yang Huilin, & Ivy Or Vin Fern


The Learning Retreat: An Innovative Way of Nurturing Talent and Unlocking Potential

Mary I Irvine

Gifted University Students: Last Chance to ˇ§Come Out of the Closetˇ¨

Rozz Albon & Tony Jewels
5.15 Development and Issue of Kaohsiung City Gifted Education
Su-Ping Su

Promoting School-Based Gifted Education by Queen Maud Secondary School in Hong Kong

Jasmine Yeung