HK-UK Gifted Education Conference - "From Gifted to Great" - March 2008

The theme of HK-UK Gifted Education Conference - "From Gifted to Great" was the world trend in the development of research and provision of Gifted Education. The event aimed to provide a unique platform of knowledge and information exchange on the latest development in gifted education both from Hong Kong and the UK. Hong Kong’s powerful framework for Gifted Education has received many accolades worldwide and the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is highly supportive to broaden the offer for students with gifts and talents even more. The UK has a long history of comprehensive provision in Gifted Education.

Jointly organised by:
The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education                   Education Bureau, HKSAR                    British Consulate-General Hong Kong


    Speakers' Presentation - Day 1

    Speakers' Presentation - Day 2